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  1. All done, what a course. Learnt loads of new techyniques and with the help of working on donated bodies, have greatly enhanced my knowledge. What I have had confirmed during this course is the importance of myofascial trigger points. Those horrible little nodules that go un-noticed but can cause a whole world of pain! It's amazing that they're not taken seriously within conventional medicine but can cause, in my experience, people to have surgery! This is due to their pain referral patterns that can mimick other complaints. Biggies are joint pain, visceral pain, headaches, toothpain and the list goes on. Really excited about the future of pain treatment and being able to offer people an alternative to horrible side effecting drugs and other non-effective interventions.

  2. Local superwoman Beth French is going to attempt to be the First Lady to swim from Lands End to the Isles Of Scilly in July. This would be a truly remarkable achievement. To help this happen Beth needs funds to pay for the boat crew etc. if you'd like to help Beth please visit

  3. This month sees Rob start training at Kings College, London to become an advanced Neuromuscular Therapist which predominantly looks at chronic pain. "Being able to treat chronic pain in a way that has been massively over-looked by the NHS will be incredibly rewarding and open up new pathways for people suffering with chronic pain. It will also greatly enhance my already effective treatments for soft tissue dysfunction".

  4. So far the results of the new Running Technique workshop have been amazing. In just an hour of learning how to make 'the right shape' and doing the drills, the runners' have transformed their techniques. They now look like runner's - light on their feet moving with ease - wonderful.

    If you would like further details or to attend a workshop then see details on the website. For beginners to serious runners who constantly suffer niggling injuries, this could be the best £40 you have spent on running!

  5. Womens New Balance:
    W880 Size 5 (RRP £95) £50
    W580 Size 5.5, 6.5 (RRP £55) £30

    Womens Newton:
    Lady Isaac UK 5, 6 (RRP £120) £60
    Lady Isaac Size 5.5 but used a couple of times £30

    Mens New Balance:
    M580 Size 9.5 (RRP £55) £30
    M780 Size 9, 10 (RRP £85) £40
    M880 Size 11 (RRP £95) £50

    Mens Newton:
    MV2 Size 9 (RRP £85) £40
    Sir Isaac Size 9.5 (RRP £120) £60

    If you'd like to reserve a pair then let me know; then come and try/ pay at your convenience (within a reasonable time frame!)

  6. Three rides into the new evening ride season and boy what a cracker so far! The trails have really dried out and running fast and smooth. If anything a little dry and loose in places. Myself, John MAc, James Q and Steve and providing the consistency with special appearances from Mark (works in Bristol and relies on the trains to get back in time - doh!) and Ian.

    We meet at 7pm at the top of Crowcombe Hill and ride for about 2 hours, It's fun (no racing allowed) with good banter whilst exploring the amazing trails on offer. Be great to see you . . . . .