Recovery Advice

One of the biggest factors effecting injury prevention and increased performance is correct post race/ training recovery. Good recovery will decrease the

During physical activity the body’s musculoskeletal system is broken down and enters a catabolic state. Once the activity stops the body enters an anabolic

state where it repairs the damage to a new level; equal to or hopefully exceeding the previous one i.e. you’re fitter.

If training occurs before the anabolic activity has finished then the body is weaker than it’s original state and subsequent performance will suffer. The

likelihood of injury also increases (training with tired muscles). As you can see the timing of this repair process is crucial and one experienced athletes get to

know over time. You must be patient as it’s not just about training, training, training but about quality training and quality recovery.

To help speed up this process here’s my top tips.

Tip 1 – if you feel tired you probably are and there would be no gains to be made training other than burning calories, maybe pulling a muscle and delaying

the anarobic process still further – rest another day and then see how you feel.

Tip 2 – by eating some easily digestible protein or taking in a specialist recovery drink within 10 minutes of finishing your session will give the body the

nutrients it needs to repair quickly when it’s at it’s most efficient.

Tip 3 – stretch well after EVERY training session. This helps muscle fibres stay at their optimum length and maintains the flow of blood to them. Deny good

blood flow and the muscles wont receive the repair nutrients they so need.

Tip 4 – compress the muscles by wearing specialist compression clothing. This aids the muscles in removing waste fluid and so allowing ‘good’ blood in to

do it’s thing.

Tip 5 – a regular deep sports massage by a CNHC or SMA  registered professional will help identify tiredness in the muscle tissue, any musculoskeletal

issues creeping up undetected and asssist in the removal of waste interstitial fluid.

I hope this information helps and remember above all else – have FUN!